2 countries in the world cook and have a culture of mouloukheyah – Egypt and Japan!


what a surprise when I was offered this dish in Kobe recently, it was delicious and I recommend you try it out. it came with rice and had a sweet taste, very very nice!!



Sundays in Tokyo

Every day is an adventure here but Sundays allow you to see a bit more than usual as people have quality time with themselves, their families, friends, pets, and can dress as they fancy. What do you think of this one?



My first trip to the hairdresser was quite something! I never experienced such thing.

Hikaru works at VIP Hair in Motoazabu. He is from Okinawa but spent many years in San Francisco and therefore speaks very good English.

Making appointment over the phone is no problem since Yuko, the owner and Hikaru speak perfect English.

They have arranged the salon with individual cabins where a massive chair is set. you sit on that throne and off you go for a special journey. The haircut comes with head and shoulder massage (Jacqueline, something to consider at Espace Florilege). the chair reclines for the hair wash and Hikaru then brings a sink on wheels that he plugs behind.


All together, color, cut, massage etc.. this comes around 16000 Yens, it is not cheap but if I compare to cost of living in Brussels vs Tokyo and salaries, it is actually same price.

Wellington boots

So the top trendy thing here lately seem to be wellington boots!! And let me tell you, they need to be grey or black to match your business attire, nothing fancy or colourful. You should see all these ladies commuting in the morning on a black suit and grey wellington boot. This is because of the rainy season, I get it, however, the concept remains awkward to me.