Ageing population is a global risk

The press after the G20 economy held in Fukuoka this week recognises the impact of ageing population   Did you know that in Japan, from 40 of age, you start paying a tax to prepare for the elderly care, that goes from your salary How will we prepare with homes, care, hospitals, services, food delivery, […]

Yanaka once more

Here I am for another tour in Yanaka – This time, I chose a Sunday morning, it was very good timing, peaceful, not too many tourists, the Yanaka Ginza street was not yet packed. This is an easy stroll through multiple temples and shrines, wooden houses, low buildings, cemeteries, really nice atmosphere, I recommend.

Plastic world

When I relocated to Japan, I had never contemplated the fact that this country could not be very focused on sustainability. My lifestyle changed drastically from there as all of a sudden, buying organic was no longer an option (could not read, not available), checking product origin was not displayed or in Japanese I could […]