Japanese Dinner

Last week end, I had a memorable dinner at a friend’s place. She prepared and I watched the beauty of a nice Japanese evening

Tofu is always a win, light, you can spice up with a lot of different things


Of course, a Japanese meal always include pickles (Tsukemono), boiled vegetable and rice

The highlight of my evening was this sweet potato mousse, very creamy, rich, tasty, I loved it, I have the recipe and will rehearse and practice. As a European, I am not expert on sweet potato but this is an absolute delight


Arigato Gozaimasu Sawako San, you made my day and taught me so much that day


Gyoza comes from China but it is a basic common meal in Japan. When you are like me, lucky enough to have a Chinese friend who has been living his whole life in Japan and is a chef, you get the best of it. He comes home, prepares them from scratch, and you enjoy a fabulous evening with friends!!

Arigato gozaimasu Ko San!!


Kobe delights

Kobe is known internationally for the beef but actually in Japan, people say that Kobe Beef is the 3rd best after Matsuzaka and Ohmi Beef, I tend to agree

Did you know that this industry is in danger. with the ageing population, less and less people want to take over the business and the average farmers’age is currently 66.

Kobe is also known to be the bread and cakes city as it is among the ports that first opened to foreigners (Dutch and Portuguese) together with Nagasaki and you find there delicious cakes


Nara – more tips

Like Kyoto, Nara is known for the Tsukemono, pickled vegetables, they have wonderful traditional shops in the main street for this with all sorts of pickles and employees preparing them in the back of the shop, enjoy, there are worth the taste


Japan also produces Manju – biscuit filled with An, a red bean (asuki) paste, the shape varies with the season, it is always a delicious break



How many times have you ever seen metro employees cleaning the platform in rhythm on a Sunday afternoon? in my case, 1st city ever!!


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Nara #1

Nara remains so far my favourite spot to visit, it has a special atmosphere, it feels like a small village although it is a real city with 365.000 people. It used to be the capital of Japan

What is special about it is you can walk around easily, it has a truly Japan way of life flavour, not overloaded with tourists (yet) like Kyoto can be, all sites can be visited in one day walking

It is the city for deers, they wander all around, but watch out, they remain wild animals and can bite if you are too sticky!

3000 lanterns display in the park a peaceful spirit, I spent a day again in January, it was so special as many families were coming to pray. again, I loved it

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