Did I tell you about Sendai and the Tanabata festival already? this place has a soul every early August, the Tanabata festival fills the city, very unique and colorful.  it is one of the top 3 festival in Japan driving over 2 million people to the city. Shops, hotels, restaurants and many people create their […]

Shibuya crossing

Everyone who comes to Tokyo for the 1st time has this on his list of things to do. and it is impressive. After 3 years, I don’t really pay attention any more as I walk there at least a couple of times a week to go to the gym but it is a crazy thing […]


My favourite drink!! Since I visited Sendai in 2017, I am an absolute fan of Zunda. This is made out of edamame beans, and my favourite is the Zunda shake. They have multiple branches in Tokyo and the Tohoku region, and even one in the US! I use the one in Shibuya Tokyu store but […]