Alpine Route – next step

Once you have gone through 40mn train, 20mn queue and 50mn bus, time for you to… queue for the ropeway, 5mn to a tunnel under the mountain where a trolley bus will take you across in 20mn (timings from memory, excuse the imprecision), nearly there!!   tip #2 – make sure you take food or […]

Japanese Alps #2 – Alpen Route

Taking the trip to the Alpine Route is a mission for a foreigner like me and for anyone in terms of energy This hike is only open April to November due to the heavy snow as roads are closed. From Toyama, my #1 tip is to purchase your package tour in advance as train tickets […]

Toyama in the news

Could the future of Japan celebrities come from Toyama? Rui Hachimura made the news this Friday when he was chosen #9 at the NBA draft and will join the Washington DC team after making such an impact with the Gonzaga team (Spokane, WA) Japan needs more of those to show what the country has and […]