My favorite parks – Hamarikyu

What I like about this one is – the location : Shiodome metro stop, so very central, easy to reach, you may go even for a short moment – the size : it is large and sets you out of the city for a moment – the tea house : a moment out of the […]

10 things I will NOT miss – fruit scarcity

Of course I adapted, of course I managed it of course Japanese have a different diet that does not include much but it is just not right for such a country with all climate types to get such a limited choice of fruits with crazy prices and not always quality or taste – 2 lemons […]

my favorite restaurants – enjoying oyakodon in Osaka

  This one is more for the dish than the place, located on B2F inside Lucua center in Osaka, next to toraji, in a corner, I try to go there every time and have oyakodon It is served in a white traditional bowl. Oyakadon is rice with chicken, an egg and broth with herbs, very […]