Tokyo 2020

As we are starting the countdown to the Olympics and Paralympics in July 2020, a number of challenges arise. One of the most concerning topics is the heat. Japan has an extreme climate and while winters are very dry and very cold with heavy snow in the north, summer is marked by a moonsoon (tsuyu […]

some things need to change

no comment…have a read and re-think many other countries could think too, France for example where there is a double view on this, there are strict rules but we all know women who went to doctors and doctors said they had no proof and would not certify. we all know women who go to police […]

Japan – Dynasties in Politics

From the western world, we perceive Japan as a very advanced democracy with a cycle of political crisis, prime ministers changing often OnceĀ  you live here for a while, you realise that ministers are ministers’sons and grandsons and that nothing really ever changes the latest is that Koizumi Junior becomes a minister at 38, that […]