Summarising #13 – my top 10 favorite places to visit

Hiroshima I visited the city 4 times in 3 years, spent time at the memorial museum on 3 occasions and went to Miyajima for one full day every time Hiroshima has a special place in my heart, it is fun and friendly, people smile, speak loud, sing and are very inclusive My 1st visit was […]

Summarising #11 – 10 things I will miss

Oshibori I already miss it! In Japan, even the konbini will include a basic humid towel with any food. This is SO great, a small square fresh or warm, humidified to clean your hands before and after meal, refresh yourself. What will I do once out of Japan without it? In the summer time, you […]

Summarising #10 – 10 things I will miss

Flying ANA ANAis currently ranking 7th best airline in the world, good enough you may say. For me, it is a unique model. The online experience is easy. The check in and drop off is great at any airport (except Milan where I think ANA will struggle), plenty of staff attentive and smiling, no long […]