Sundays in Tokyo

Every day is an adventure here but Sundays allow you to see a bit more than usual as people have quality time with themselves, their families, friends, pets, and can dress as they fancy. What do you think of this one?


Food in Kanazawa

Kanazawa is known for the cuisine, plenty of fish and plenty of great places for dining. I also found that there is a trendy flair to it with modern bars hidden in traditional houses in the bottom of a tiny street, it is a great foodie place

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Election Day

Last week, October 22nd, were the general elections in Japan. Although a typhoon was going across the country that day, many people paid a visit to the poll.

On that Sunday morning, I was very impressed and even stressed out as a general announcement came over Tokyo. Since the announcement was made in Japanese, I was unsure whether it was about the typhoon security measures and what to do. Fortunately, the end of the call expressed in English that this was a reminder that people should go to vote!

All cities are equipped with public speakers to conduct drills in case of earthquakes and over disasters, very impressive for me but also quite stressful



Exciting days for IHG ANA in Japan with the signing of our first Hotel Indigo! Hotel Indigo Hakone Gora will open in 2019, in partnership with GHS K.K. and Daiwa House Industry Co. Take a look at this stunning hotel:


Hotel Indigo Hakone Gora entrance

Kanazawa market

Everyday life, food and people, are the things I am mostly interested in when visiting a country, of course the history, the monuments and museums are great but a country is defined by his people and society.

When visiting the Kanazawa Omicho market, … look at the size of the oysters!!


The moment after the typhoon

As a European, typhoon don’t mean much to me, we have not got these events, we don’t know what happens during a hurricane/tornado/typhoon

After a season of typhoons, I start to get a small view (small, very small). One thing I noticed is how nice the weather is just after and how the atmosphere is suddenly quiet, clean and the weather nice.

Last September, I got stuck for 3 hours in a shinkansen on my way to Hiroshima, waiting for the typhoon to pass by. We could see torrential rain around us in the train. However, the moment, it was gone, the train went full speed again, and one hour later, I arrived into a calm city, everything in place, all clean, good temperature, beautiful weather

Japan has fantastic infrastructure and is equipped to anticipate those events, it makes a huge difference if we compare with not so advanced countries or not so equipped nations, I must admit.

Another thing is that the sky is absolutely gorgeous the day after the typhoon, really impressive


Halloween in Japan

This is my first year here and I have been very surprised of how much Halloween is important here,

Since early September, all shops start selling gadgets, decorations and all sorts of halloween branded limited edition food etc. it is a big thing here

My building has had a Halloween theme in the lobby for the whole of October and each floor has candles and orange decorations in the lift area. My neighbors have displayed treats in a basket at their door as early as October 1st.



All public areas, shops, hotel lobbies, bars, restaurants, gym club have moved to the orange dominance, I cannot wait to see how things will look like in November with the Christmas season coming, this is going to be a big consumerism month I suspect…