When in Fukuoka

I could only spend less than 24 hours in Fukuoka but it hooked me and I want to go again and spend some time. My recommendation, their café and restaurants already gone. Lots of restaurants and shops. An Unagi place: (there is one near ANA Crowne Plaza Fukuoka) Fukuoka is famous for Yatai and Hakata Ramen! My […]

Daikanyama: A guide to Tokyo’s Little Brooklyn

You know that Tokyo is not all about serene shrines, neon-lit streets, and bustling crossroads. In fact, it’s exactly those places that don’t live up to stereotypes that have the greatest local discoveries. Daikanyama, often referred to as “the Brooklyn of the Japanese capital,” is one of those places; a… Source : Daikanyama: A guide to […]