How many times have you ever seen metro employees cleaning the platform in rhythm on a Sunday afternoon? in my case, 1st city ever!!


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Valentine’s day in Japan

Here the tradition is that Japanese LADIES offer chocolate to their Valentine.

Men do nothing, just receive!

this turns into a massive commercial opportunity. look at the metro corridors in Ebisu this Tuesday evening, just before the big day, shops all along, ladies queuing and buying!


Not sure if this is only me but I have this feeling that only on Sundays, do I see these metro trains on the Hanzomon Line in Tokyo!! I like them as they promote some of the famous comics here and kids like it as much as adults



Here is the 2nd largest city in Japan, in fact, you cannot really see the limit between Tokyo and Yokohama as they both grew so big that it is now a huge metropolis.

Door-to-door, it takes me an hour to go there. Many metro lines in Tokyo become suburb train lines and quite a few go to Yokohama, I usually take the Namboku metro line that continues to it.

Yokohama is know for

  • the shopping malls
  • the bay
  • the amusement park in Minato Mirail
  • the stadium for large events
  • Chinatown

It is closer to Haneda than Tokyo is for most areas.



Did you know?

You can even choose how air conditioned you want  your metro experience!! in any case, most of the time, you are compressed into a coach!