The big department stores in Japan are a legend and worth a visit when coming to Japan, their architecture is interesting, the displays and brands are amazing, it is topnotch, high end, total luxury, exceptional service, fantastic food courts on the basements AND, for Takashimaya, legendary elevator employees actioning equally legendary elevators The building was […]

Plastic world

When I relocated to Japan, I had never contemplated the fact that this country could not be very focused on sustainability. My lifestyle changed drastically from there as all of a sudden, buying organic was no longer an option (could not read, not available), checking product origin was not displayed or in Japanese I could […]


The other day, wandering around Daikanyama, supposed to be a trendy upbeat tiny area, I found that very old Rice shop, offering so many different types from all regions of Japan, sold in pack or by the kilo travel back in the time – slow food!