Traveling by train in Japan

How will JR and JNTO cope with tourism boom and maintain service levels? Past Osaka, the number of train options drop by 50% and that a large chunk of tourists aim towards Hiroshima (and further), it appears to be a headache for JR railpass holders – Sakura trains to Hiroshima have 8 coaches while Hikari to Osaka have 16, even […]

Digital Experience

Here is something unique and finally different! I got to visit TeamLab Planets in Toyosu a few months ago and went again a couple of weeks ago. This makes me feel like Alice passing through the mirror and getting to wonderland. what a moment!! It is a 20mn walk from Toyosu metro station and opposite […]

Nikko – #1 – access

Nikko is a historical city 2 hours north of Tokyo in the Tochigi Prefecture. Getting there is relatively easy although there is a small thing to know when taking the train in Kita-Senju. It appears that the express train needs a reserved seat ticket that you can buy, on top of your nomal train ride, […]


The other day, wandering around Daikanyama, supposed to be a trendy upbeat tiny area, I found that very old Rice shop, offering so many different types from all regions of Japan, sold in pack or by the kilo travel back in the time – slow food!