Antiterror drill held in Tokyo ahead of Rugby World Cup, Olympics – Japan Today

Police conducted an antiterror drill Monday at a sports arena in central Tokyo based on a scenario of terrorists launching a chemical attack during big sports events such as the Rugby World Cup 2019 and the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. About 1,000 people including riot squad personnel joined the drill at…

Source : Antiterror drill held in Tokyo ahead of Rugby World Cup, Olympics – Japan Today

Awa Odori

In August, this was a highlight for me and I have penciled this again for next year as this is truly amazing.

This is a traditional dance ceremony from Shikoku Island, in Tokushima but Tokyo enjoys it in the area of Koenji. the groups walk around the tiny streets and dance on the main square for the whole afternoon in the week end in late August.

It is crowded but friendly and tradition is to eat yakitori along the streets with beer. Once the show is over, the dancers crawl through the local bars to thank the public.

I absolutely love Awa Odori festival


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Did you know?

You can even choose how air conditioned you want  your metro experience!! in any case, most of the time, you are compressed into a coach!


Luxury Teppanyaki (I know pleonasm)

While the word “teppanyaki” may bring to mind knife-wielding chefs performing flashy feats before a sizzling grill, Conrad Tokyo’s Kazahana stylishly revamps the Japanese-style steakhouse into an evening of refinement. Perched on the 28th floor of the high-rise hotel, Kazahana boasts sweeping views of the Shiodome skyline overlooking Tokyo Bay,…

Source : Teppanyaki takes on refined touch at Conrad Tokyo’s Kazahana – Japan Today

Moving House

As everything in Japan, moving comes with a lot of preparation and anticipation. So, finally, my furniture arrived and the company came to deliver and unpack.

A team of 5 landed one morning at the house, they literally wrapped the lobby of the building, covered the floor with a sort of yoga mat flooring, completely wrapped the corridors and the lift and brought everything.

I have a small house and a small removal and all was completed in 3 hours, including setting up the furniture.



The very same evening, I could enjoy my first dinner!! love it



Lunch and learn in the office

The other day, our L&D Manager, Yuko, asked me to give a presentation on career development and personal development, it was all about mobility, trainings, cross trainings, language capability. Thank you team for all of your questions

We took the opportunity to order a “Belgian” lunch with french fries, home made mayonnaise and a home made fresh vegetable salad!



My first trip to the hairdresser was quite something! I never experienced such thing.

Hikaru works at VIP Hair in Motoazabu. He is from Okinawa but spent many years in San Francisco and therefore speaks very good English.

Making appointment over the phone is no problem since Yuko, the owner and Hikaru speak perfect English.

They have arranged the salon with individual cabins where a massive chair is set. you sit on that throne and off you go for a special journey. The haircut comes with head and shoulder massage (Jacqueline, something to consider at Espace Florilege). the chair reclines for the hair wash and Hikaru then brings a sink on wheels that he plugs behind.


All together, color, cut, massage etc.. this comes around 16000 Yens, it is not cheap but if I compare to cost of living in Brussels vs Tokyo and salaries, it is actually same price.