Full of protein, healthy, tofu is a paste made out of soja. In Europe, it is usually considered as a boring item, diet oriented or special for vegan.

Here, it is part of the cuisine, and you can find all sorts of different tofus at the supermarket as well as hundreds of ways to prepare it. There are tofu restaurants, usually quite expensive.

My friend Francoise and I found one that we really enjoyed, in the Shimbashi/Ginza area, on the Ginza corridor. that was very accidentally that we spot it as it has a tiny entrance in between 2 large steakhouses and is on a 2nd floor. however, it is traditional, you are accomodated in small individual rooms separated by sliding rice paper doors and has a great menu.

With our little knowledge, we went to try out a bit of everything and it turned out to be a great dinner, we were full but not heavy. I recommended it


The only thing is that I am not even able to read the name of the restaurant!! it is located in Ginza corridor 7-2 on 2F – tel 03 6274 6933 – it is called Ohashi Ginza – post code is 104-0061 – you can book online!!

Wellington boots

So the top trendy thing here lately seem to be wellington boots!! And let me tell you, they need to be grey or black to match your business attire, nothing fancy or colourful. You should see all these ladies commuting in the morning on a black suit and grey wellington boot. This is because of the rainy season, I get it, however, the concept remains awkward to me.



Obon is the celebration of the deads in the family. Depending on the regions, it is celebrated in july or August but mostly on 14th and 15th August.

This is not a bank holiday but many companies give days off to the employees. This is a time when Tokyo becomes very quiet, this is very enjoyable.

People go back to their families and celebrate the memories of the dead family members. They go to the temple and dance Bon-Odori. I was lucky, I have a temple close to my place where local people gathered.

In the center of the square, was set up a Yagura, a quiet high wooden stage, where the drummers would stand up successively. Dancers in the middle would show the way and public would copy around.

Then, there is a variety of shops for street food around that you can enjoy, yakitori, beer, etc.



No tap in this one!! Japan has moved to panels years ago (I remember those already in 2002). You set from your panel the temperature you wish and how much you want it to fill up. Then, you may reheat it and keep it at temperature, you may also cover the bath for the next day and reheat! Remember that the bath in Japan is daily and is to relax, you wash in the shower, and then enjoy the bath.


I spent 2 weeks carrying all the notices of the appliances around as it was so sophisticated. I am getting better at it (maybe I do everything wrong but just have not realised) but the fridge still is daunting and I have purchase small stickers where I have written the translation into English for all the buttons! Et voila!!


Fire at Tsukiji fish market put out after 15 hours; no injuries – Japan Today

A fire at the famed Tsukiji fish market in central Tokyo was extinguished Friday morning some 15 hours after it broke out, burning a roughly 935-square-meter area but causing no injuries, firefighters said. The Tokyo fire department mobilized around 60 fire engines to battle the blaze, which started around 4:50…

Source : Fire at Tsukiji fish market put out after 15 hours; no injuries – Japan Today

Tsukiji on fire tonight

4 buildings are on fire, over 40 firemen trucks are on site, I can see the smoke from where I am and helicopters over the site

Two quakes jolt eastern Japan – Japan Today

Two earthquakes jolted eastern Japan on Wednesday morning but there were no reports ofinjuries and no tsunami alerts issued, the Japan Meteorological Agency said. An earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 4.6 shook the Kanto region at 7:16 a.m. It originated at a depth of 50 kilometers in southern Ibaraki…

Source : Two quakes jolt eastern Japan – Japan Today