Korea in Tokyo

Next to Shinjuku and the famous Kabukicho area, is Shin Okubo district, this is little Korea

Wandering there is fun, so different from the everyday Tokyo, narrow and colorful streets, lively, plenty of cosmetics shops, K-pop displayed all over. I really enjoy spending saturdays there, have lunch at a Korean cafe, and watch the world passing by.


Here is a nice one-day trip out of Tokyo, only 1hour train from the city, taking the Tobu Line from Ikebukuro (35mn from there)

Kawagoe is a town with wooden houses, well known for the peace and the candy street. Many of the sites are actually reconstructions, I would not place it on top of my list if you are visiting Japan but for those who live here, it is a nice day out with little foreigners

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However, one thing intrigued me as many of the houses had displayed painted pumpkins with sad faces, does anyone know what the history is behind this?



When you relocate to Japan, the country of the rising sun expression takes its full expression as you can really appreciate the very special light here

Day rises very early, in the summer time around 4.45am in Tokyo, in winter time around 5.50 am, and sunsets fairly early between 17h00 and 18h00

Autumn and Spring display beautiful Sunrise lights especially and I can tell we are out of winter now in Mid February trusting on these colors


Not sure if this is only me but I have this feeling that only on Sundays, do I see these metro trains on the Hanzomon Line in Tokyo!! I like them as they promote some of the famous comics here and kids like it as much as adults


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