Don’t get stuck on a shinkansen

How sleek, swift and reliable shinkansens look! The impression they give is of an arrow pointed at its destination, hurtling forward at speeds that were astonishing when the “bullet trains” debuted in 1964. Even today they remain a vibrant symbol of the postwar “Japanese miracle.” Just don’t get stuck on…

Source : Don’t get stuck on a shinkansen

A bit more on Sendai

here are few more photos of what I saw in Sendai. I recommend to use the loople bus, this is an old fashion type of hop-on hop-off version, very cute and with that you get an overview of the city.



Here are some views of the tour


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We were there at the end of July just before the week end of Tanabata Festival on 5th and 6th August, this is very special apparently. While Japan celebrates and have their Matsure in May, Sendai celebrates in early August and that brings over 2M visitors in one week end!

Everywhere, where displayed the Tanabata and the hotel do their own with the employees every year.




This is an interesting and different part of Tokyo but also becoming highly touristic. This small area in the north of Tokyo (from Shinjuku, direct with either metro or train, stop in Nippori) that was not bombarded during WWII and therefore still enjoys low wooden houses and a lot of shrines.

It has been a beautiful day out for me, this is quiet if you go and walk along the shrines towards Yanaka Cementery. You may want to go to Yanaka Ginza high street where there are many shops, bars, and tourists. I was not highly impressed by this part but the walk around was worth the trip.


Travel around the country

Trains are amazing. I love trains anyway. They run punctual, spotless, fast, what else would you want? …mmh, maybe the opportunity to book them on line in English? Currently only in Japanese. That means I buy my tickets at the counter and there, all agents are very good in English. Again, I take it with a distance, for most of the major destinations, there are bullet trains every 10mn so if I miss that one, well,  I will take the next.

Punctuality? Average delay in 2016 overall for Japan ….20 seconds so really 0 stress