Less than a month before Sakura and excitement grows!

every year brings its share of business opportunities – a Sakura Bar opens in Minami-Aoyama Last year was beautiful and we were blessed with the weather, no rain at all, blue sky, Cherry blossoms started on Friday 24th March, allowing to enjoy 2 full week ends!!  

Autumn colors

  For those of you who wonder what the best season to Japan is, I would say that you need to consider October and November for the autumn colors Part of the Shinto philosophy is about the nature and Japanese citizens take time to admire nature and season changing. We got into that mode too […]

Kobe has a lot to explore

Check out Ikuta Shrine, worth a day out, close to the beach, walking and hiking area Walking distance from there, about 30mn away, is an old fashion amusement park, quite ruined, in bad shape, and with an amazingly low safety level, we had great fun but it was scary and not to recommend to kids […]

The moment after the typhoon

As a European, typhoon don’t mean much to me, we have not got these events, we don’t know what happens during a hurricane/tornado/typhoon After a season of typhoons, I start to get a small view (small, very small). One thing I noticed is how nice the weather is just after and how the atmosphere is […]