Gyoza comes from China but it is a basic common meal in Japan. When you are like me, lucky enough to have a Chinese friend who has been living his whole life in Japan and is a chef, you get the best of it. He comes home, prepares them from scratch, and you enjoy a fabulous evening with friends!!

Arigato gozaimasu Ko San!!



nothing like Japan in terms of roadworks, they mostly happen at night or during week ends to minimize disruptions

they are VERY well signaled, and you will always find a battery of older gents to show you the way through the construction site and plenty of lights at night, you cannot really miss it!!

same thing happens if a road is closed for demonstrations, special visits, hanami etc. an army of policemen will be here standing every 5 meters, ensuring all goes well

Did you know?

When an employee leaves a team, office, he is the one giving a present to his colleagues, so far, I only received crackers so I assume this is what you get. anyone can comment?





Here is a very good park in the heart of Tokyo, great for joggers, and cycling as they have specific routes. It is also quiet and gives a moment of peace in the heart of Shibuya!



It is also a nice residential area, close to many places, many expats choose to go there as the kids can easily commute to international schools from here apparently

Negotiations in Japan

Here is another interesting one where I could connect to in many ways.


Did you know?

You can even choose how air conditioned you want  your metro experience!! in any case, most of the time, you are compressed into a coach!